JINTEX 40th Anniversary Events

40 Years of Textile Auxiliaries R&D and Manufacturing Expertise.


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JINTEX GROUP JINTEX 40th Anniversary Events Introduction

JINTEX Corporation Ltd is Taiwan supplier and manufacturer in Chemical Additives Industry. JINTEX GROUP has been offering our customers high quality Textile Auxiliaries, Leather Auxiliaries, Textile Waste Water Treatment, Water Chemicals, Sustainable Chemicals, Dyeing Process Optimization, Finishing Agents, Pfc Free Water Repellent, ZDHC Contributor, Bluesign System Partner since 1978. With both advanced technology and 45 years experience, JINTEX GROUP always make sure to meet each customer's demand.

JINTEX 40th Anniversary Events

2019/07/05 JINTEX GROUP

Forty Years in a Flash! Integrity. Innovation. Caring. Service.

Jintex Corporation Ltd. is celebrating its 40th anniversary.
Since the beginning, Jintex has researched and developed specialized chemical products with sincerity and focus, and has built a strong foundation one step at a time.
For four decades, the company has continuously thrived because of its commitment to being a key player in the industry.

“Integrity” – Jintex builds trust through its core value of honesty
“Innovation” – continuously changing and improving to meet new challenges
“Caring” – focusing on people for a sustainable and long-lasting company culture
“Service” –Only professional dedication can drive growth together with our customers

Looking ahead, Jintex will continue to be guided by these four core values to take the company to even greater heights for another 40 glorious years!

The company will celebrate its 40th anniversary on July 5, 2019, with an evening of food and special activities. Our team has prepared a program to share Jintex’s 40-year history and to show our appreciation for your continued support.