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JINTEX is the leading manufacturer of textile and leather specialty chemicals.

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JINTEX GROUP Introduction

JINTEX Corporation Ltd is Taiwan supplier and manufacturer in Chemical Additives Industry. JINTEX GROUP has been offering our customers high quality Textile Auxiliaries, Leather Auxiliaries, Textile Waste Water Treatment, Water Chemicals, Sustainable Chemicals, Dyeing Process Optimization, Finishing Agents, Pfc Free Water Repellent, ZDHC Contributor, Bluesign System Partner since 1978. With both advanced technology and 40 years experience, JINTEX GROUP always make sure to meet each customer's demand.


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11Jun 2021
JITNEX obtained the certification of the "Taiwan Accreditation Foundation (TAF)

The "Taiwan Accreditation Foundation (TAF)" is to evaluate and accredit laboratories engaged in calibration or testing by government’s institutions. It is implemented by the National Measurement Laboratory Developing Center in Taiwan. After few months’ effort, JINTEX has obtained certification from TAF officially for accreditation. Through this accreditation, we are able to examine all the running process in laboratory and continue to seek improvement of lab to optimize the testing process. As a result, we are able to level up our team to be more professional and reliable. The can help us to provide testing data with more credit to customers. Currently, we have obtained AATCC 197 wicking as one of our core strengthens of testing. We will continue to add more testing methods under TAF’s accreditation to meet customers’ requirements.

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24May 2021
Congratulations!! The Co-development project: Metab Color, Microbial Dyes. JINTEX, ITRI and Eclat has been rewarded Edison Award for Silver medal in 2021

Inheriting the spirit of the great inventor "Edison" for his great contribution to human development. Since 1987, Edison Award will select inventions that bring major breakthroughs to human civilization, innovation and development, and sustainable value from all over the world. From the Winner list of this year, Taiwan's achievements are remarkable. In more than 400 technology/product competitions around the world, Taiwan has won 1 gold, 1 silver, and 3 bronze, ranking second in the world in terms of awards from 2 research institutions and 2 manufacturers. The Co-development project: Metab Color, Microbial Dyes. JINTEX, ITRI and Eclat has been rewarded Edison Award for Silver medal in 2021.

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14Oct 2020
JINTEX attended TITAS Seminar with STTRA to explore the business opportunity after pandemic of Covid-19

By exploring the Global market trend after Covid-19 and discussing possibility of transformation of brand, JINTEX provides total solutions from the aspect of functional chemical to comply with demand changes. Please see more information from presentation file.

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21Sep 2020
JINTEX MetabColor is nominated for the RD 100 Awards!

The RD 100 Award is known as the Oscar in the science and technology industry. Every year, RD Magazine selects outstanding evaluations from the fields of materials science, chemistry, energy and biotechnology, and selects 100 products for the best of the year from many innovative products and technologies. In 2020, JINTEX and its partners have also done their best to compete with other outstanding competitors from all over the world, by developing innovative biosynthetic dye technology-MetabColor. After several rounds of fierce competition and cooperation, this innovative technology of JINTEX and its partners was unanimously approved by the evaluators and entered the list of the 2020 RD 100 Awards.

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29Apr 2020
Jintex & HeiQ Global Strategic Cooperation - Unite in times of crisis to contribute to the fight against the epidemic.

JINTEX Group is committed to joining the global fight against COVID-19. In collaboration with renowned specialty chemicals manufacturer HeiQ, JINTEX has launched Viroblock NPJ03, an antimicrobial textile treatment proven effective against the human coronavirus (229E) in face mask testing, with over 99.99% reduction of virus infectivity in minutes, and lasts at least 30 washes. ViroBlock may be used on all textiles requiring antimicrobial properties including protective clothing, isolation gowns, masks, and a variety of antimicrobial garments.

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22Jul 2019
JINTEX is ranked in 2019 "Taiwan's sizeable enterprises TOP 5000"

Looking back on 2018, due to the impact of the US-China trade war, the global economic situation fluctuated, Taiwan's annual economic growth rate fell to 2.61%, and the growth momentum slowed down. However, the total revenue and profit of the 5,000 major domestic enterprises still reached new highs. Congratulations to JINTEX. Once again, the 2019 edition of the CRIF Taiwan is ranked TOP 5000 in the large-scale enterprises in Taiwan.

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05Jul 2019
JINTEX 40th Anniversary Events

Forty Years in a Flash! Integrity. Innovation. Caring. Service.

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01Dec 2018
JINTEX awarded the SBIR Project Industry Contribution Award from the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Industry

JINTEX was awarded the SBIR program of the Small and Medium Enterprise Department of the Ministry of Economic Affairs, Industry Contribution Award.

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10Oct 2017
Awarded the GLOBAL TOP 10 ZDHC GATEWAY - Chemical Module Pioneer

JINTEX led the industry in the acquisition of bluesign certifications for nearly 200 products but also became the first official ZDHC contributor in Asia. With 150 three stars products which listed on ZDHC Gateway, JINTEX assuming a key role in the monitoring of green textile norms.

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24Aug 2017
JINTEX Awarded the Taiwan Chemical Technology Industry Elite Award - Excellence in R&D Awards

JINTEX as the forerunner of eco textile & leather auxiliaries manufacturer.

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