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Over 40 Years of Textile Auxiliaries R&D and Manufacturing Expertise | JINTEX Corporation Ltd

Awarded the GLOBAL TOP 10 ZDHC GATEWAY - Chemical Module Pioneer. JINTEX GROUP, since 1978, is a textile and leather specialty chemicals supplier. Having bluesign certifications for over 200 products & over 150 ZDHC GATEWAY 3 stars products, JINTEX GROUP's textile auxiliaries and leather auxiliaries are provided with top standards, as well as eco friendly.

JINTEX GROUP has made dedicated efforts in the field of green chemicals for many years. Various non-toxic, green products that conform to EHS (Environmental friendly / Health / Safety) principles have been released in quick succession. In addition, JINTEX launched the miDori® series eco-friendly biomass agents by adopting the Swiss BST (Beyond Surface Technology).

JINTEX GROUP has been offering customers high-quality, both with advanced technology and 40 years of experience, JINTEX GROUP ensures each customer's demands are met.


JINTEX Provides the Customized Total Solutions for Our Clients
JINTEX Provides the Customized Total Solutions for Our Clients
Assist Customers in Building a QC Lab
  1. Enhance customers quality control.
  2. Help customers to build the lab from scratch.
  3. Help customers to develop experimental methods.
  4. Arrange lab training.
Textile, Dyeing, and Finishing Auxiliaries Training
  1. Design the training course according to customer demands, ranging from yarn, dyeing and finishing auxiliaries, dyeing and finishing processes, and functional textiles for apparel.
  2. Flexible schedule, even providing customers with regular training.
Effective Technological Service
  1. Arrange periodical technological discussions.
  2. On-site service of the effective technological service group.
  3. Provide a digitalized and scientific closing report through precise analysis.
  4. Help customers to capture market information and seize the next trend.
Customized Products
● Develop an exclusive product to address customer demands

The customer uses N+PO knitted fabric and expects a washing resistance up to 10 times (AATCC-135 simulated washing at home), a sprinkling effect above 80 (AATCC-22), and a soft touch after the water repellent agent process.

Product Name / FunctionIonicity / AmountChemical Composition / Property and ApplicationFiber TypeCertificate
Jintexguard Eco-966F C6 Water Repellent AgentCation / Non
C: 30 ~ 70g/l
Fluorinated acrylic copolymer emulsion
  • PFOA content (<2ppb) under inspection limit
  • Low discoloration
  • Water wash resistance: more than 20 times / AACTT-22
  • Does not affect the textile style
Various Fibersbluesign®
● The effect of product adjustment based on customer processes

The moisture absorption and touch of man-made fiber are usually enhanced through moisture absorbing softening agents after the fiber is processed. However, the smooth touch and moisture absorption often result in a less ideal washing fastness. Therefore, the customer asked Jintex to develop the moisture absorbing softening agent which does not affect the textile washing fastness.

Product Name / FunctionIonicity / AmountChemical Composition / Property and ApplicationFiber TypeCertificate
JinsofEco QM-810 Moisture Absorbing Softening AgentAnion / Non
E: 1 ~ 4%
C: 20 ~ 40g/l
High Polymer of Polyethylene Glycol Ester
  • Does not affect the textile washing fastness
  • Water absorbent and wash resistant
  • Fluffy touch
  • Anti-static and easy stain removal
Man-Made Fiberbluesign®
● Improve products based on customer equipment/machine

The pressure from the nozzle of the customer's relaxing machine is strong and causes a more obvious height difference at the position where the water comes in. Foam occurs easily, and this will result in tangling, foam spots, and a non-ideal scouring effect. Therefore, the customer asked for a low foam scouring emulsifier.

Product Name / FunctionIonicity / AmountChemical Composition / Property and ApplicationFiber TypeCertificate
JintergEco SCA Relaxing Machine OP Scouring AgentAnion / Non
Exhaustion Tank 0.5 ~ 2g/l
Relaxing Machine 5 ~ 12g/l
  • Effectively emulsify dispersed silicon oil and prevent oil stains again
  • Equipment with an appropriate low liquor ratio
Polyester, Nylonbluesign®