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Over 40 Years of Textile Auxiliaries R&D and Manufacturing Expertise | JINTEX Corporation Ltd

Awarded the GLOBAL TOP 10 ZDHC GATEWAY - Chemical Module Pioneer. JINTEX GROUP, since 1978, is a textile and leather specialty chemicals supplier. Having bluesign certifications for over 200 products & over 150 ZDHC GATEWAY 3 stars products, JINTEX GROUP's textile auxiliaries and leather auxiliaries are provided with top standards, as well as eco friendly.

JINTEX GROUP has made dedicated efforts in the field of green chemicals for many years. Various non-toxic, green products that conform to EHS (Environmental friendly / Health / Safety) principles have been released in quick succession. In addition, JINTEX launched the miDori® series eco-friendly biomass agents by adopting the Swiss BST (Beyond Surface Technology).

JINTEX GROUP has been offering customers high-quality, both with advanced technology and 40 years of experience, JINTEX GROUP ensures each customer's demands are met.

JINTEX Indonesia

JINTEX Indonesia
JINTEX Indonesia

PT. Jindo Industry established in 1994 is a subsidiary of JINTEX Corporation Ltd. Taiwan. Our group of companies are specialized in textile chemicals with product ranges as early as pre-treatment process to dyeing to finishing.

Our Auxiliaries are used for all types of fibers from Cotton, Polyester, Polyamides, Manmade cellulosics, etc. We strive to provide our best service to our customers and markets under our new brand name “JINTEX Indonesia”, with the upgradation of our technical laboratory, we extend the capability of local technical services.

In addition to our strength in performance, our products are also in conformance with Global renowned and significant certifications such as bluesign, ZDHC, RSPO etc.
With the rise in the new concept of sustainability, our R&D are committed to innovative, functional and greener chemicals.

JINTEX Indonesia - PT. Jindo Industry
Address : Jl. Akasia ll Kav. A 7-3 Delta Silicone Industrial Park, Lippo Cikarang, Bekasi 17550, Indonesia
Tel : +62-21-897-2021~3
Fax : +62-21-8990-9826
E-mail : jindo.industry@jintex-chemical.com

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The 4th Indonesian International Textile Conference. Topic: Sustainable Auxiliaries for Textiles and Fashion.

Speaker: Mr. Darren Li (Director of PT Jindo Industry, JINTEX)