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Over 40 Years of Digital Specialty Chemicals Supply | JINTEX Corporation Ltd

1st ZDHC Member in Asia. JINTEX GROUP, since 1978, is a Digital Specialty Chemicals supplier. Having bluesign certifications for over 200 products & over 150 ZDHC GATEWAY 3 stars products, JINTEX GROUP's textile auxiliaries and leather auxiliaries are provided with top standards, as well as eco friendly.

JINTEX GROUP has made dedicated efforts in the field of green chemicals for many years. Various non-toxic, green products that conform to EHS (Environmental friendly / Health / Safety) principles have been released in quick succession. In addition, JINTEX launched the miDori® series eco-friendly biomass agents by adopting the Swiss BST (Beyond Surface Technology).

JINTEX GROUP has been offering customers high-quality, both with advanced technology and 40 years of experience, JINTEX GROUP ensures each customer's demands are met.

Digital Specialty Chemicals

Taiwan, the island of technology, has various demands for digital specialty chemicals with the improvements of high-tech products. From PCB to the photoresist material used in the photoelectric industry, JINTEX actively develops high-end sustainable products to move towards the new era of technology, improve environmental protection, and eliminate environmental impact.

● Main Application Fields
Semiconductors, Electronics Industry, and Digital Printing:
The production of the digital industry uses a large number of chemicals and water resources and water treatment chemicals and causes a high burden on the environment. As the pioneer of green chemicals, JINTEX is dedicated to developing digital specialty chemicals.

Through proprietary chemical technologies such as high molecular polymers and enzymes, JINTEX enhances wastewater treatment efficiency and the water resource recycling rate, minimizing the cost of water treatment and continuously providing cutting-edge treatment products to achieve sustainable water resources.