Polyester Auxiliaries

JINTEX provides various auxiliaries for pretreatment, dyeing and finishing of polyester fiber. / 40 Years of Textile Auxiliaries R&D and Manufacturing Expertise.


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Over 40 Years of Polyester Auxiliaries Supply | JINTEX Corporation Ltd

1st ZDHC Member in Asia. JINTEX GROUP, since 1978, is a Polyester Auxiliaries supplier. Having bluesign certifications for over 200 products & over 150 ZDHC GATEWAY 3 stars products, JINTEX GROUP's textile auxiliaries and leather auxiliaries are provided with top standards, as well as eco friendly.

JINTEX GROUP has made dedicated efforts in the field of green chemicals for many years. Various non-toxic, green products that conform to EHS (Environmental friendly / Health / Safety) principles have been released in quick succession. In addition, JINTEX launched the miDori® series eco-friendly biomass agents by adopting the Swiss BST (Beyond Surface Technology).

JINTEX GROUP has been offering customers high-quality, both with advanced technology and 45 years of experience, JINTEX GROUP ensures each customer's demands are met.

Polyester Auxiliaries

Polyester fiber is the common name of PET fiber. Based on PTA or DMT and MEG, this fiber is made from a fiber-forming high polymer manufactured by esterification or ester exchange and condensation reaction and processed by spinning and post-processing. This fiber is the largest kind of man-made fiber and is massively used in manufactured fashion fabrics and industrial products. Polyester fiber textiles have excellent wrinkle resistance and conformity and therefore are perfect for outdoor goods such as sportswear, jackets/coats, bags and tents.

JINTEX provides various auxiliaries for pretreatment, dyeing and finishing of polyester fiber.

Polyester Pretreatment

Preprocessing of polyester fiber includes processes such as desizing & scouring, relaxation, pre-setting and de-weighting. The purpose is to remove the oil added when manufacturing fibers, slurry added during weaving, staining dyes and oils, and dust attached during transportation and storage to eliminate forces inside the textile and enable the textiles to relax. In the meantime, this also makes a more level polyester fiber molecular structure and stable size and facilitates the following dyeing and finishing processes.

Oil removing scouring agent: JintergEco SOP-500

Polyester Dyeing

Generally, polyester fiber dyeing refers to the process where under high temperature and high pressure, large molecules of polyester fiber generate fierce thermal motion and disperse dyes through dispersion, absorption, and diffusion, causing them to enter the polyester fibers to finish dyeing. The disperse dye mainly relies on the force between the hydrogen bond and molecules to combine with fibers. Adding auxiliaries such as disperse leveling agents during the dyeing process can properly increase the solubility of dispersion dyes, upgrade dyes' dispersion stability, enhance the dispersion dyes' absorption into the fiber surface and run plasticization or increase the swelling of fibers to accelerate the diffusion speed of the dispersion dyes into the fibers.

High temperature dispersion leveling agent: JinlevEco YDD

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