JINTEX es el fabricante líder de productos químicos especiales para textiles y cuero.

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Introducción de los empleados de JINTEX GROUP

JINTEX Corporation Ltdes un proveedor y fabricante de Taiwán en la industria de aditivos químicos. JINTEX GROUP ha estado ofreciendo a nuestros clientes auxiliares textiles de alta calidad, auxiliares de cuero, tratamiento de aguas residuales textiles, productos químicos para el agua, productos químicos sostenibles, optimización del proceso de teñido, agentes de acabado, repelente de agua libre de Pfc, colaborador de ZDHC, socio del sistema Bluesign desde 1978. Con ambos tecnología y 40 años de experiencia, JINTEX GROUP siempre se asegura de satisfacer la demanda de cada cliente.


Human Resource Management

Human Resource Development
Human Resource Development

Human Rights Policy

JINTEX abides by all laws and regulations in all countries and regions where we operate.

We treat every employee with respect, in accordance with international human rights standards such as the International Bill of Human Rights, the International Labor Organization's Declaration on Fundamental Principles and Rights at Work, Social Accountability 8000, and the labor laws and regulations of Taiwan (ROC).

Most importantly, JINTEX has implemented management procedures and practices aimed at systematically protecting our employees' human rights.

JINTEX's Human Rights Policy is as follows:

1. Respect for humanity & humane management.

2. Anti-discrimination.

3. Equal opportunities employment.

4. No child labor.

5. Legal working hours.

6. Supporting employees' physical and mental well-being.

7. Promoting employee training & development.

8. Providing a safe and healthy work environment.

Recruitment Policy

JINTEX is an equal opportunity employer: Our hiring practices are based on principles of open and objective recruitment, and we evaluate all candidates according to their qualifications for the position, without regard to race, gender, age, religion, nationality, or political affiliation.

Our hiring process looks at applicants' competences, merits, and job-fit so that all departments hire the best employees to maximize their team performance. We refuse to hire any candidate on the basis of personal relationships.

Employee Welfare

At Jintex, human resources are the most valuable assets. Because of the hard work of all our dedicated employees, we are able to sustain the test of time and prosper into the future. Therefore, we share with our employees with what they contribute to the company's bottom line and believe the spirit of sharing sure will help us to surpass our competitors in the highly competitive human resource market. Our welfare programs include the followings:

◆ Basic Package

1. Annual base package includes 12 months' base salary Insurance (Labor, Health and Group).

2. 1-3 months year-end bonus.

3. Car / Transportation allowance.

4. Insurance (Labor, Health and Group).

◆ Cash Incentive Program

1. Attendance Bonus.

2. Monthly Incentive Bonus.

3. Research Incentive Bonus.

4. Project Bonus.

5. Special Contribution Bonus.

◆ Profit-sharing

◆ Leaves

1. Annual paid leave.

2. Paid sick leave.

3. Paternity leave.

4. Maternity leave.

5. Childcare leave.

6. Flexible floating holiday arrangement.

◆ Welfare

1. Annual travel plan/allowance.

2. Annual health examination and health program.

3. Tuition Assistance and many others.

◆ Equal Opportunity