• High Speed / Frequency Substrate Materials

High Speed / Frequency Substrate Materials

Due to relatively lower dielectric constant (Dk) and dissipation factor (Df), liquid crystal polymers (LCP) can replace glass fiber and be used in high speed and high frequency substrates for 5G communication. JINTEX develops thinner LCP fabrics which are similar to glass fabrics in appearance and can be employed directly by low Dk & low Df CCL (copper clad laminates).

JINTEX provides below LCP yarns and fabrics:

• Specification of thinner LCP yarns:  
   Zxion 110dtex/48f
   Zxion 56dtex/24f
   Zxion 28dtex/6f 
• Thinner LCP fabrics with different weave density:
   54 Warp X 54 Weft per square inch.
   70 Warp X 70 Weft per square inch.