Combined with more than 40 years of experiences in dyeing and finishing auxiliaries from JINTEX. The dye stuff has been upgraded in multiple directions, we not only enhance the reproducibility, stability of dyes but also excellent high washing color fastness performance.

Being a leader in the sustainable chemical industry, we always follow the strictest standard to control harmful substances in dyes to ensure the safety of users and end-consumers. JINTONE is an eco-friendly and high-quality product for a new generation.


From more than 40 years experienced in chemical field, we design JINTONE DS dyes for polyester with elastane blend.

JINTONE DS series have 16 colors, including 6 of three-primary colors and 3 different tones of black color, also provide another 7 brilliant shade into this DS series.

The full range of JINTONE DS can meet all the color matching needs of various dark and bright colors.