Leather Specialty Chemicals

Leather products, just like textile products, need to be tailored according to the various needs of the downstream processes. Jintex has collaborated with some multinationals to develop both new technology and new types of leather products. Therefore, Jintex has been appointed the sole agent for DuPontTM Teflon® leather protector in Greater China.

JINTEX Leather Specialty Chemicals, Provides Leather Unlimited Functionality.

Leather Auxiliaries

Like the textile industry, leather goods provide the downstream leather factories chemicals used on tanning or finishing according to different leathers, applications, and particular requirements. JINTEX also develops new technologies and types of leather goods through collaboration with world-renowned brands. JINTEX is also the exclusive distributor in Greater China of DuPont Teflon® leather protection and acquired a patent for the world's latest fluorine-free water repellent agent for leather...