JINTEX MetabColor is nominated for the RD 100 Awards!


JINTEX GROUP JINTEX MetabColor ได้รับการเสนอชื่อเข้าชิงรางวัล RD 100! บทนำ

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JINTEX MetabColor is nominated for the RD 100 Awards!

2020/09/21 JINTEX GROUP

The RD 100 Award is known as the Oscar in the science and technology industry. Every year, RD Magazine selects outstanding evaluations from the fields of materials science, chemistry, energy and biotechnology, and selects 100 products for the best of the year from many innovative products and technologies.

In 2020, JINTEX and its partners have also done their best to compete with other outstanding competitors from all over the world, by developing innovative biosynthetic dye technology-MetabColor. After several rounds of fierce competition and cooperation, this innovative technology of JINTEX and its partners was unanimously approved by the evaluators and entered the list of the 2020 RD 100 Awards.

MetabColor is one of the most important technologies for the production of bio-dyes in the world. Biosynthetic technology can convert bio-materials such as glucose or glycerin into dye molecules of different colors, which can eliminate the traditional chemical synthesis of dyes through biosynthetic technology. In this way, there is no need to use hazardous chemical substances. At the same time, all the raw materials are bio-based, it can also meet the standards of USDA for BioPreferred product. In the future, JINTEX hopes to support our customer by using this green technology to provide a sustainable and high-quality product to achieve outstanding performance together.