Process Optimization

JITNEX provides one stop service & products on process optimization.

Reduce Energy Consumption. Increase Manufacturing Profit. Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emission.

Superior Products

JintergEco LTS - Eco Scouring Agent

Conventional cotton scouring and bleaching process needs to add: (1) Chelating Agent (2) Scouring Emulsifying Agent (3) H2O2 Stabilizer

JintergEco LTS alone can replace all 3 agents and meet all the requirements.


JinsoapEco AW-509 - Reduction Cleaning & Soaping in one bath.

For polyester / cotton blend fabric, conventional process needs to dye the polyester part first, through reduction cleaning washes off the unfixed color on the surface of the polyester fiber then move on to the cotton dyeing process and cotton soaping afterwards.


JinsoapEco AW-509 has efficient cleaning power. Simultaneously it can wash off the unfixed color on the fiber surface caused by the dispersing and reactive dyestuffs. Reduction cleaning and soaping in the same bath can save water, time and cost.


Reduction HSA - Acid Reduction Cleaning Agent. No need for other acid neutralization procedures.

In conventional polyester dyeing, unfixed color on the fiber surface affects colorfastness. Therefore, after dyeing needs to go through alkali reduction cleaning → hot wash → cold wash → acid neutralization. In the acid neutralization process, due to the weak acidity of the human skin, when the fiber has too much residual alkali, it will cause the human skin to be uncomfortable.

Reduction HSA is an acidic reduction cleaning agent. It not only is highly efficient in washing off unfixed color, it is also able to save cost in the washing and acid neutralization processes, effectively achieve the energy saving purpose.