Finishing Auxiliaries

Special functional chemicals - Gives textiles functionality and life

With the development of fiber technology and trends, apparel with basic functions can no longer address customers' demands. Instead, customers demand functionalities like easy to clean, stain resistance, washing resistance, water & oil repellency, moisture wicking finish and sun protection.
Specialty chemicals offered by JINTEX create more added values to textile and address the demands for new features.

Jintex functional spe...

Biomass Auxiliaries

Our R&D is driven with the concept to lessen greenhouse gas emission, reduces burden and impact to the ecology and environment, by implementing a much sustainable and renewable resources.


From more than 40 years experienced in chemical field, we design JINTONE DS dyes for polyester with elastane blend.

JINTONE DS series have 16 colors, including 6 of three-primary colors and 3 different tones of black color, also provide another 7 brilliant shade into this DS series.

The full range of JINTONE DS can meet all the color matching needs of various dark and bright colors.


ZHDC + JINTEX, green, waste reduction and 0 hazardous chemical emissions!

For many years, Green Peace has been dedicated to promoting pollution prevention as well as encouraging clean production, clean discharge, environmental protection and human health. Now, this green trend takes the textile industry by storm. The green fashion concept arouses global resonance and attention.

Cotton Auxiliaries

JINTEX provides various auxiliaries for pretreatment, dyeing and finishing of Cotton fiber.

Bluesign® Certified

Jintex: The best representative of bluesign®
As a pioneer in green chemicals, Jintex is committed to its responsibility to both the environment and consumers, and prioritizes its ecological footprint for 40 years.

Nylon Auxiliaries

Polyamide is also known as Nylon. Nylon is a man-made fiber containing the characteristics of natural fiber. Therefore, it is very suitable to blend with other fibers to make quality and durable composite fibers. The advantages of nylon include toughness, high wear resistance, smoothness, lightweight, anti-insect, anti-fungal, anti-static, anti-pilling and anti-deformation. Nylon fabrics are massively used in diving suits, slimming clothes & pants, wetsuits, fishing pants, thermal clothes, backp...

Polyester Auxiliaries

Polyester fiber is the common name of PET fiber. Based on PTA or DMT and MEG, this fiber is made from a fiber-forming high polymer manufactured by esterification or ester exchange and condensation reaction and processed by spinning and post-processing. This fiber is the largest kind of man-made fiber and is massively used in manufactured fashion fabrics and industrial products. Polyester fiber textiles have excellent wrinkle resistance and conformity and therefore are perfect for outdoor goods s...

Spent Material Recycle & Regeneration

o manufacture electronic devices requires a large amount of high-purity chemicals and ultra-pure water. Due to prosperity and fast growth of the electronic industry, huge volumes of business wastes have been generated and discharged. However, most wastes still contain recyclable and renewable chemical ingredients. JINTEX strives to promote circular economy, advocates carbon emission reduction, employs green chemistry, and implements the environmental protection concepts.

JINTEX Specialty Chemic...

Contaminant Prevention

All production processes of electronic devices have to prevent contaminants to improve yield. Due to shrinking design rules of electronic devices, requirements for preventing contaminants are becoming more and more stringent. Therefore, new solutions have emerged to meet such requirements. Responding to users’ needs, JINTEX keeps delivering technologies that conform to environmental protection concepts by combining physical and chemical fundamentals. In addition, JINTEX introduces biomass raw m...

Recyclable & Reusable Materials

Serving as a distributor, JINTEX provides recyclable and reusable thermoplastics, including fibers and resins, to improve compatibility of FRP (fiber reinforced plastics) with our ecological environment. We are aiming at huge-sized FRP products, such as wind turbine blades, yacht hulls, EV bodies, etc.

High Speed / Frequency Substrate Materials

Due to relatively lower dielectric constant (Dk) and dissipation factor (Df), liquid crystal polymers (LCP) can replace glass fiber and be used in high speed and high frequency substrates for 5G communication. JINTEX develops thinner LCP fabrics which are similar to glass fabrics in appearance and can be employed directly by low Dk & low Df CCL (copper clad laminates).