Taiwan-India CEO Roundtable and Industrial Collaboration Summit

The Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FICCI) and the Ministry of Economic Affairs, R.O.C, jointly held the 1st India-Taiwan CEO Roundtable on 3rd Nov in The Lalit New Delhi hotel. The Taiwan External Trade Development Council invited 15 business leaders who have invested in India or intend to invest in electronics manufacturing, smart transportation, and other potential fields to form a Taiwan delegation to the first Taiwan-India CEO roundtable.

Through this meeting, leaders from Taiwan and India focus on discussing development opportunities in the fields of "electronic manufacturing", "electric vehicles and components", and "capital goods", and also discuss the potential trade and investment cooperation opportunities in the future.

The representatives attending the roundtable came from industries such as electronics manufacturing, trade, steel, engineering contracting, logistics services, electric vehicles, computer equipment, rubber and plastics, chemicals, and tires.

Representatives from the India side included Tata Electronics Private Ltd / Mahindra Group / Nippon Audiotronix Private Limited…, etc., and representatives from Taiwan led by Richard Lee, Chairman of Taiwan Electrical and Electronic Manufacturers’ Association (TEEMA) attended the event.

JINTEX Group set up a subsidiary in India in 2004 to strengthen the connection between Southeast Asia and expand the Indian, Central Asian, and European markets. In view of the current unstable environment, JINTEX has flexibility to adjust quickly to respond to brands’ needs.

When chaos like port congestion and Russian-Ukrainian War continued, global businesses paid more attention to the liquidity of the supply chain. JINTEX share the resource through flexible allocation of each subsidiary in Southeast Asia. During this meeting, JINTEX hope to have more opportunities to cooperate with India side

The representative to India, Baushuan Ger, pointed out that the Taiwan government actively promotes the ""New Southbound Policy"" to help businesses diversify overseas. India has the advantage of demographic dividend, and its economic growth benefits from a strong domestic market. It is an important partner of the New Southbound Policy.

Foxconn, China Steel Corporation, and JINTEX Group represented the Taiwan team in collaboration with the Industrial Development Bureau, MOEA, and the Minister of Economy of India to discuss the issue of economic cooperation between Taiwan and India. Both sides expressed willingness to strengthen cooperation on supply chains and startups. A joint statement was issued, hoping to deepen the cooperation between enterprises in the future, and to implement and solve various issues of the current expansion and cooperation of Taiwan and Indian enterprises.