JINTEX Founder, Mr. Juang Received TCIA Outstanding Leadership Award

JINTEX has been deeply engaged in the field of specialty chemicals for textiles and leather. Since its establishment by founder Mr. Juang in 1978, the company has been dedicated to promoting environmentally friendly products in the realm of green chemistry. Being the first member in Asia to join the Zero Discharge of Hazardous Chemicals (ZDHC) and leading the industry by obtaining bluesign® certification, the company has expanded its vision for green chemistry. Additionally, it has achieved international certifications such as ISO 9001, ISO 14001, GOTS, and USDA. Playing a pioneering role in the global functional textile chemicals sector, Mr. Juang's achievements in business management have garnered praise from various sectors and judges. As a result, he has been honored with the 2023 Outstanding Leadership Award from the Taiwan Chemical Industry Association (TCIA) and will receive the award at the Taiwan Chemical Industry Summit Forum on August 30th.


Mr. Juang stated that this year marks the 45th anniversary of JINTEX. Since its early days, the company has adhered to principles of sincerity, trustworthiness, and steady operation, leading JINTEX to become Taiwan's largest dyeing and finishing auxiliary company. Its products are also adopted by international brand factories such as Adidas, PUMA, Tchibo, and VF. As a leader in green chemical textiles, he has witnessed the ups and downs of the textile industry over half a century, understanding the industry context and the development direction of Taiwan's textile industry. He has also observed the influence of European and American brand channels on the textile industry, driving the trends toward health, environmental protection, and functionality. He took the lead in creating green chemical products, providing the entire textile supply chain with solutions.


"Research and development" are a crucial aspect that Mr. Juang highly values. He knows that for a company to thrive in the long run, innovation is essential. The company allocates 4% of its overall revenue to the research and development unit each year, allowing researchers to focus on creating new products and developing more chemical solutions. This enables the company to provide customers with in-depth and extensive chemical solutions, showcasing adaptability and agility to seize business opportunities and using R&D barriers to differentiate its market positioning.


Mr. Juang's business philosophy revolves around "integrity, care, innovation, and service." He leads various managers to think beyond their roles and execute team collaboration, implementing strategic development and international brand marketing cooperation. Beyond a steadfast foundation, he combines innovative concepts and technology to create new perspectives on corporate operations, practicing the principles of passing on the legacy for a sustainable business.


The "2023 Taiwan Chemical Industry Summit Forum" is set to take place on August 30th at the National Taiwan University Hospital International Conference Center. This year marks the 20th consecutive year of the TCIA hosting the summit forum. The theme is "Achieving Sustainability through Net Zero Action and Digital Transformation Innovation." Speakers include experts and scholars from the United States, Japan, Europe, and Taiwan, as well as elite award winners sharing their achievements. The event, spanning a whole month, will encompass forums, exhibitions, and digital sharing sessions with companies, using a blend of virtual and physical elements. All are welcome to participate actively and join in this grand event. For more details, please refer to the association's website at http://www.twcia.org.tw.