Group photo of Mr. Huang (from right), the Chief of Taiwan Textile Federation. Ms. Sabine Juang, the CEO of JINTEX Technology. and Ms. Judy Chen, the Global Business Development Director of Lenzing.

As " Carbon-Neutral By 2050" is countdown, extreme climate is vital to the industry's economy and bring companies moving towards to sustainable development. In view of this, JINTEX Technology and Taiwan Textile Federation held a seminar together - Fiber to Auxiliary, Comprehensive Solutions for Sustainable Textiles - to discuss this issue with domestic and foreign related industries in textile.

The Chief of Taiwan Textile Federation, Mr. Huang, said that sustainable textiles have become the trend of the global textile industry. International brands are proactive to cooperate with the supply chain in order to invest in research and development of eco-friendly fibers or fabrics to reduce pollution in dyeing and finishing process. Through this way, brands can achieve both energy saving and carbon reduction.

CEO of JINTEX Technology, Ms. Sabine Juang stated that the company proposes three main development directions for sustainable and innovative product series.
Jintex BIO, the 2nd generation of bio based material, to improve the quality of waste and not competing for the food with people. Jintex Recycle/Biodegradable material, to meet the effective and rapid degradable of end products. Jintex Carbon Catch material, using recycled gas from factory with carbon capture technology to transfer to sustainable chemicals to reduce the impact of the global environment.

JINTEX Technology has developed more than 20 items of sustainable product in recent years, including Jintex BIO WM-2 multi-functional moisture absorption and quick-drying additive. The CO2 reduction of this product can reach -99%, and the actual carbon emission is only 0.911 kg CO2 e . The other product called miDori WA 1.0 is the first microalgae moisture absorbing agent for chemical. It is the world's first bio product with 100% microalgae oil.

Lenzing Group Global Business Development Director, Ms. Judy Chen indicated that the carbon reduction is the trend and the goal for all the brands, such as THE NORTH FACE, adidas, VAUDE, Jack Wolfskin, etc. They all actively carried out carbon reduction actions and launched sustainable innovative designs and plans. Lenzing also plans to develop bio-regenerated fiber products using bio additives in REFIBRA technology cooperate with JINTEX Technology. Taking this opportunity to open up business for closer cooperation between the two parties.