• Recyclable & Reusable Materials

Recyclable & Reusable Materials

Serving as a distributor, JINTEX provides recyclable and reusable thermoplastics, including fibers and resins, to improve compatibility of FRP (fiber reinforced plastics) with our ecological environment. We are aiming at huge-sized FRP products, such as wind turbine blades, yacht hulls, EV bodies, etc.

These spent FRP can be recycled by thermo-melting processes and transformed to other products (such as helmets, auto parts, tables and chairs, etc.), or regenerated back to the original supply chain to achieve circular economy.

• French company Arkema’s Elium® (PMMA resins) can replace epoxy resins.
• Japanese company KB Seiren’s Zxion® (liquid crystal polymer fabrics) can replace glass fabrics.

JINTEX develops coupling agents to enhance wettability and to improve adhesion between fabrics and resins.