• Cotton Auxiliaries

Cotton Auxiliaries

JINTEX provides various auxiliaries for pretreatment, dyeing and finishing of Cotton fiber.

Cotton Pretreatment

Scouring bleaching: the scouring refers to the process of removing impure substances. Impure substances include pectin, wax, cottonseed hull, minerals and oils or slurry used in the weaving process. If impure substances are not removed, they could directly result in problems in the following dyeing process. If the final demand is a neutral or light color, then it is necessary to bleach the raw cotton.
Products: LCF-123

Cotton Dyeing

Dyeing: Dyes are important to the dyeing process. To achieve an good dyeing, it is necessary to choose leveling agents that assist fibers in absorbing dyes and an even dyeing.
Products: CL-225

Cotton Soaping & Rinsing
By using special surfactants, emulsify and rinse the dyes not fixed at the fiber surface. Conversely, if the dyes which are not completely absorbed by fibers are not washed away and stay on the surface, they will affect dyeing fastness.
Products: AW-509


Cotton Fixation
Tightly combine the dyes and fibers to achieve the improvement of color fastness. Utilize the principle of combining the cationic fixing agent and anionic dyes.
Products: RFC-525 / DRF-512