• Biomass Auxiliaries

Biomass Auxiliaries

Our R&D is driven with the concept to lessen greenhouse gas emission, reduces burden and impact to the ecology and environment, by implementing a much sustainable and renewable resources.
Renewable and Sustainable Resources
Uses bio-based raw materials from crops to replace petro based chemicals. These bio-based raw materials are sustainable resources, which are non-feedstock and do not conflict with the food chain.
Reduces Greenhouse Gas Emission
Biomass feedstocks carbon to replace petrochemicals carbon, effectively reduces Carbon Emission. Carbon dioxide is absorbed in the process of growing crops hence reduces accumulative emission of carbon dioxide.
Biodegradable, Minimal Impact on Environment
Biomass materials are derived from natural crops and are biodegradable, non-toxic and environmentally friendly.


  • Biomass material is in compliance with each RSL list of environmental organization and the bio content is certified by USDA.
  • Multifunctional, a complete product portfolio to meet requirement of different stages.
  • A Multi-directional Green Bio Product and processes, produces real substantial Bio and Green Textile.