ZHDC + JINTEX, green, waste reduction and 0 hazardous chemical emissions!

For many years, Green Peace has been dedicated to promoting pollution prevention as well as encouraging clean production, clean discharge, environmental protection and human health. Now, this green trend takes the textile industry by storm. The green fashion concept arouses global resonance and attention.

In 2014, as an industry leader, more than 200 JINTEX products acquired bluesign® certification. JINTEX also owns more than 150 3-star rating products at ZDHC GATEWAY and is the first official Asian member in ZDHC. In 2016, JINTEX served as the ZDHC chemical safety control training & lecture model unit and played as the gate-keeper of green textile standards.

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The Detox campaign, an activity for companies in the textile and leather supply chain, was initiated by Green Peace.

Since 2011, Green Peace started to promote Detox and claimed that global fashion brands and suppliers should take direct responsibility for toxic pollution in water and consumers became their accomplices without knowing at all.

The Detox campaign encourages stopping discharging hazardous and hormone-affecting chemicals and contaminating water channels. Green Peace continuously tracks all major brands and uncovers many giants in the industry. This causes a storm of protest and forces major brands to respond.

With the deepening of the Detox campaign, its influence on the industry is getting stronger.


Under the great pressure of Detox, many major global fashion and shoe brands developed the detox plan called ZDHC (zero discharge of hazardous chemicals) together and made the promise to lead the toxic hazardous chemicals in the production chain across the industry before 2020, promote zero discharge of hazardous chemicals in industrial value chain and improve the environment and human livelihood.

Now, the ZDHC plan is a group consisting of 23 signed brands, 27 value chain-related organizations, and 13 associations.

ZDHC plan sets up 4 key fields and 2 cross-industry field. These fields play crucial roles in eliminating hazardous chemicals in textile and leather supply chain and include MSRL (Manufacturing Restricted Substances List), quality of waster water, protocol review and chemical non-hazardous management training.

Over these 20 years, through the efforts of groups including AFIRM (Apparel & Footwear International, RSL Management Group), AAFA (American Apparel and Footwear Association) and OIA CMWG (Outdoor Industry Association Chemicals Management Working Group), many brands and labs are promoting ZDHC plan to companies ranging from factories, dyeing factories, leather factories and chemical manufacturers. China Textile Association has been encouraging its Chinese members to implement ZDHC plan as well.