• Leather Auxiliaries

Leather Auxiliaries

Like the textile industry, leather goods provide the downstream leather factories chemicals used on tanning or finishing according to different leathers, applications, and particular requirements. JINTEX also develops new technologies and types of leather goods through collaboration with world-renowned brands. JINTEX is also the exclusive distributor in Greater China of DuPont Teflon® leather protection and acquired a patent for the world's latest fluorine-free water repellent agent for leather to provide unlimited functions to leather goods.

JITNEX Leather Auxiliaries, Designed for high Standard Leather Manufacturer.
Main Product Types
Dry Powdered Tannin

A phenolic man-made tanning agent massively used in the repeated tanning process of chrome tanned leather and vegetable tanned leather. It is suitable for repeated tanning processes of various leathers. This material contains no baking glue and therefore does not effect light and heat resistance.


Can improve the leather to achieve a tight granulated surface and rich tannin polymer. The product has excellent stuffing features and is able to maintain the tensile and tearing strength of the leather.

  Recommended  Products

  Product  Name

  Jintan MT

  Styrene Maleic retanning agent

  Jintan SAP

  Polymer softner agent

  Jintan MA-14

  Plumping type polymertanning agent

  Jintan RV

  Firm&stiff polymer re-tanning agent


Increases the water-repellent effect, decreases water absorption, and enhances the dye quality of the leather and fur.

  Recommended  Products

  Product  Name

  Jintanquor E-325

  Special Fatliqour for garments and Fur

  Jintanquor POW

  Phosphate ester fatliquor

  Jintanquor BNI

  Sulphated neatsfoot type oil

  Jintanquor PB

  Natural oil neatsfoot Type

  JIntanquor TZL

  Lecithin and Sulphited Synthetic Oil

  Jintanquor RI-2

  Special lanolin Emulsion

  Jintanquor WD

  Multipurpose Waterproof Fatliquor

  Jintanquor NS

  Special soft and light fatliquor

Dyeing and other Auxiliaries

Various complementary agents that help the leather maintain ideal stability and permeability, increase physical strength, and improve process safety during dyeing and finishing processes.

  Recommended  Products

  Product  Name

  Jintanpon DG-872

  Degreasing agent for Waterpro of leathers

  Jintanpon PM liq

  Eco-friendly leveling and dispersing auxiliary

  Jintanfix C-52

  Fixing agent for anionic dye

  Jintan LB

  Aluminium tanning agent

  Jintanpon DGA-150

  Eco-friendly degreasing and wetting agent


Brings water-repellent and dust-proof effects of various leathers, as well as maintaining the breathability and look when applied to spray treatments.

  Recommended  Products

  Product  Name

  Jintanguard NFT

  Water base leather protector

Man-Made Leather Chemicals
Brings water-repellent and oil- and dust-proof effects of PU leather as well as maintaining the breathability and natural look.
Coating Products
Coats leather surfaces to bring soft and natural smoothness or improve the touch. Increases dry layers and moisture resistance, rubbing feature, etc.